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I love your smell, 
Your eyes, your hair,
Not being able to kiss you,
Is something I cannot bare,

I love your hands, 
And the way you touch,
And I love your voice,
When you say you love me so much,

Your lips tell me stories,
The best I'll ever hear,
Your arms are my shelter,
From all the things I fear,

Ive told you many times before,
How perfect you are and the butterflies you give me,
But there is so much more,
Deep beneath my skin that you cannot see,

Just promise you wont laugh,
Expressing feelings is hard to do, Im already feeling
But just for you,
I will try my hardest,

You make me feel more beautiful,
Than I ever imagined I could be,
Im seeing things in myself now,
That before I could never see,
Youve made me realise I could be doing so much more,
Then staying up all night crying,
To wake each morning on the floor,
Im beginning to feel unique,
And when Im with you,
I feel wanted,
And even needed too,

Just tell me that your mine,
And I'll be there for you,
Until the very end of time,

Id claw through the dirt,
To hell and back,
Just to find you,
And hold your hand,
Id swim through any ocean,
No matter how cold,
Just to hear you,
Softly say my name,
Id scale the highest building,
And fall a million feet,
Just to see you,
Smiling there at me,
Id drop everything and run,
To be with you,

Just tell me that your mine.
Posted: 2009-09-15 08:30:24 UTC

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2009-09-22 00:54:16izzy
this is so sweet, and nicely written. this might be one of my favorites, must have been for some one really special.