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Posted: 2009-08-19 19:40:33 UTC
I'm a member of an exclusive club
a club that not just anyone can join
Those of us that are members of it
we are friends even if we have never meet
for we can truly understand each other
maybe even better than anyone else
Once you're a member you're always a member
and yet the dues are extremely high
but still we would never ever go back
No - not for anything in the world

When you join - you do it without consent
somehow you get put on the membership list
and you never really understand why
nothing you say will change anything
it's just the way it is now
and there is nothing that you can do
except to just pay your dues
and be thankful for the other members
I'm a member of an exclusive club
that no one ever wants to join


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2009-09-10 12:15:00Azure Faye
This is so cool! its like, freakin me out its so awesome.... I love the last 2 lines.Your a Genius.