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They belittled me when u asked "Who are you to decide what i
do with my life."
Their reply was this:
            " Like a flower in the ground i will pick on you
and pluck all your leaves until you do not exist.
With the slight twirl of the wrist i am in command and i
demand you be dismissed.
You are the dirt underneath my shoes, and the sand inbetween
my toes, your voice will not be heard because i am in
You may sit in the corner you may go to the bathroom, but
not when you choose only when i command you.
You may think you are wise but now you are blind,and cannot
The pepperspray's and handgrenades have blown away your town
and you tell me that wont bring you down.
So we've brung bigger guns and tanks that run's from the
blood colored rivers, and you still tell me that wont bring
you down.
You say your the child of God and he made you strong
but,where is your God now.
You pathetic fool wipe your droul for you are a big
I should wrap a rope around your throat and hang you from my
tree,so every black man,woman, and child could see.
Now that i've got your attention i guess i should mention
your kinda wise.
You child of God made me strong enough to believe that black
children are not nieve.
You spoke your mind and made me wise and now that you can
see,you child of God i will let you free."

I sat their in shock, because where was i to go,the
peppersprays and handgrenades have made me blind and i
cannot see.
These men have tourtued and raped me.
I thank God everyday but im dead mentally,physically,and
After 15 years of this and that i could never be that little
girl who loved everything.
Posted: 2009-08-04 04:47:43 UTC

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2009-08-12 03:55:12Butterfly
ITs really sad to understand who sum 1 really is, cuz in da middle of da night they cum && take ur innocence away. Be strong && look foward dont look at da past. Remain Strong