what drugs realy do., by *+*+barbed+*+*wire*+*+* Subscribe to rss feed for *+*+barbed+*+*wire*+*+*

your spirit is lost.
your friends disapeere.
your love goes away.
your never okay.
your head starts to aik.
your tears start to burn.
your emotions get tangled,
and your ready to die.

your mind goes numb.
your hands start to shake.
your heart starts to thrumb.
your skin starts to break.
your burns start to burn.
and your ready to die.

your locked up in jail.
your brain starts to work.
your mind starts to think.
your crazy goes sane, 
as the realization hits.

"was drugs worth all this?"
Posted: 2009-07-28 22:49:15 UTC

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2009-07-29 18:03:38*+*+barbed+*+*wire*+*+*
this one was inspired by my dad i hate him he could never come to this conclusion but still this was inspired by him

2010-02-16 13:05:44essie
wow. this is really good. I've seen it happen to my friends and i agree. it's definately not worth it. You did an awesome job putting it in words...

2010-04-04 00:52:04*+*+barbed+*+*wire*+*+*
thank you. and i have to correct the comment i put in in 2009. i do not hate my dad. i was just mad at him for the things he did. he did inspire this poem, but, as i said. i do not hate him. nore will i ever.