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Sometimes its hard to believe the world cares
If they do I ignore, drown it out with tears
Its becoming hard to think of why to smile
I dont really think Ive laughed for a while

I've shut myself away from all thats true
Its the only way I feel I can make it through
Im so cut off now I cant even feel the pain
I have nothing left to lose and nothing more to gain

Im living inside this blank and dead illusion
That theres no reason to smile and no where to run
Believe me, If I could I'd be by your side
To tell you how sorry I am, To tell you I lied
But I cant seem to pull away
I prefer living in the dark everyday.
Posted: 2009-07-28 10:22:47 UTC

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2009-08-20 04:25:01Ashley Reneƫ *Raining Tears*
this is very good. it is an amazing peice of writing, i think you did an amazing job