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I'm sitting in the classroom waiting. Waiting.
I know what is coming. Exams.
I see the teacher start handing out papers.
She has given me one now. I'm starting to panic.

She says we can start so I open the paper, read the first
question and read it again. 
I doesn't make any sense at all!

I glance up at the clock.
Oh no, I've only got half an hour left and I'm only half way
though the paper.
I'm going to fail I know it.

I finish writing. I have done all the questions that I can.
The teacher tells us to stop writing and then she collects
all the pages in.

She says she will tell us our marks tomorrow.
Oh I hope I haven't done badly.
I hope I have done ok.

I'm sitting at home now wishing I knew how well I have don
in the exam but unfortunatly I will have to wait untill
Posted: 2009-07-27 17:00:55 UTC

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2009-07-28 16:05:46izzy
have i been there before (too many times), i can REALLY relate. nicely done!