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I was there when he would call
i was there when he would fall

that brown eyed boy would yell at me
said i never cared
Hey, but his bitch wasnt the one who was there

she was perfect
i guess, i just wasnt

he thought the world of her
while she was here
well, while she was there

he would call to cry
and i listened to his heart die.

I said i care in a sigh
but he yelled "thats a lie"

he sat on my bed
"we're back together" was most that he said.

he moved my hair
and i couldnt breathe the air.

here we go again
another fight
is like a new light

I kno im not the best
but he needs to give it a rest

I kept my promises
she didnt
I get yelled at
I walk away, his losses.

i didnt drink
she did just that
something he would "never think!"

"She broke the promies"
"She would never betray me"
"yes she would, she did b4"
I just would leave
and close the door

I havent seen him since that day
4 years have come and gone away

I havent forgave him enough to call
and he just doesnt care at all.

He walked by me 
on our old street

"hi" was all i had the nerve for
he stayed paused unready, and unsure.

he did me wrong
and he new it this long.

up walked that same old girl
the one that destroyed my world.

So moments later
I just turned away
i couldnt just stay there silently and stand
i walked away and never seen that brown eyed boy again.
Posted: 2009-07-22 17:55:45 UTC

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2009-08-20 20:49:46MystiKal
This Is Amazing

2009-09-08 13:24:26more then just that girl
Thank u lol