So Lonely., by ForTheWeak Subscribe to rss feed for ForTheWeak

I lay awake in bed,
replaying the days.
Of happyness and love,
but then i remember.
There wasn't much love,
happyness or wonder.
There was only depression,
and confusion.
I regret nothing that happened,
i just need to know..
Did you ever stop to think,
what it was doing to me?
How hurtful you were,
how it was all fun and games.
It may have looked harmless,
but everytime it happened.
I die a little inside..
I don't not care,
I don't not bother.
I love you truly.
But im just so lonely..
Posted: 2009-07-01 09:51:40 UTC

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2009-07-11 00:16:44CUTTS**AND_A_BROKEN_HEART
aww sad..but so good, u write very well keep up