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Posted: 2005-05-13 10:28:46 UTC
As she looks out the window,
She wonders what she would see,
If she was there at Gallipoli.

With their baby boy in her arms,
She tries her best not to cry,
Protecting herself, not giving up hope,
But it all seems like a lie,

Knowing that he has no knowledge of his father,
Makes sleeping hard at night,
She struggles, she tries her best,
To make things seem all right,

Reality has come to haunt her,
She fights it every day,
But even as she does,
His image fades away,

When the son was all grown up,
And her husband has passed away,
Another shock occurred,
And there was nothing they could say,

The son was called up,
And told to go to war,
As he looked at his mother,
Her breaking heart was all he saw,

He packed his bags,
For World War Two,
So hard, so distressing,
But nothing they could do,

He got all prepared,
And dried his mothers tears,
He is ready to fight, to win,
And face all his fears,

He might take on guns,
But the mother takes on concern,
And that can be just as traumatic,
Because it always lingers and burns,

After a shocking time with her husband,
She struggles to be o.k.
But in the end, it really seems,
She has nothing left to say,

As she fought the days,
It was all so sad,
And in the end,
Both their thought turned bad,

As hard as it was,
To accept each day,
It all seemed so tough,
Nothing was left to say,

Guns, bullets and wounded men,
None of it seemed right,
Everyday was so hard,
And continually a fight,

After all the trauma,
Fights and tears,
He comes back
From facing all his fears,

Hurt so emotionally,
Felt so bad,
Emotions all bottled up,
So relived, yet so sad,

Now I think,
What it would have been,
If my brother or father went,
And the sight they would have seen,

And writing this really made me think,
Of all the beautiful I know,
Because in the war,
It was all about the foe,

So I thank the soldiers,
In my own appreciative way,
Because now I feel so grateful,
To live life to the full every day,

And I hope everyone remembers,
The true importance of this day,
And cherish the freedom,
The stability to have say.

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2005-04-21 23:48:35My_pain_your_thrill
This is very good and creative. What exactly are you talking about? Let me know [email protected] I really like your poems. --Lianna X

2005-05-23 12:00:30PoetryReconised
This reflects on World War I and World War II, these were terrible wars in Australia so this was an essay I wrote for compition and come 2nd! :)

2005-12-07 01:45:05 ~~~~GLOSTARG~~~~
very good!