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Posted: 2005-05-13 10:28:40 UTC

Wow, Now friends….
With so many words to portray,
Different qualities, yet all the same,
I luv them so much I cant even say!

They are always there thought the rough times,
When bad stuff occurs just look and they will be there,
If I didn’t have my gorgeous friends,
I sometimes wonder how I would bare…

When the bad things happen in life,
You need someone to talk to,
Friends are there for you, if they are a true friend
They will always care about you.

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2005-05-03 01:08:31wishing_on_stars
definite words of truth my friend.

2005-05-23 11:59:19PoetryReconised
Yeahm this is dedicated to my great mates at school! Love them heaps!!

2005-06-20 08:17:52soul_sista
thnx marley great 2 hear u luv me!!!! luv ya 2!!!!