Wish She Was Me [7.2.08], by 11 Tragedy's Subscribe to rss feed for <font color=red>11 Tragedy's</font>

You'll never realize how much I wanted you
No matter how many times I say I do.
You're never gonna give her up for me
No matter how much I tell you I love you.

I guess it's time to give up
And let go of everything.
Cause even though you don't say it.
It'll never be me.

Someday, when it's all over
That sparkle in your eyes I'll see
And while you're kissing her, holding her, loving her
I always wish it was me.

You constantly say it's not her
And that I am the one
You always say you want me to wait
Then, back to her you run.

You said you laid next to her
And think about me
So why wont you 
Just let us be?

Someday when it's all over
I hope you look at the stars and see
That while you're with her, holding her, laying next to her
I hope you wish it was me.

And the day I finally let go
That's when you'll know.

That every time you look at her
When you look in her eyes and see
While you're kissing her, loving her, holding her
You're wishing it was me.

And you'll never really know
Until I really let you go.
Posted: 2009-06-09 22:13:38 UTC

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2009-06-16 16:03:57~The Familiar Side of Strange~
this is powerful. i feel like i can relate to it. i love it. good luck.