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As Morning broke once again
She found her self no different 
Except from her wrists she bled
The spiral from which she immersed
Was this the ignorance from her surroundings?
In which came upon her like a curse
Her pain was leaving with out tears
A silent cry
Which no one hears
She feels too weak to stand
Her knees given 
She falls so quickly to the sand
The tiny waves rush to her face
As a child she hide her problems in this place 
She can feel her heart slow down to rest
No one tried to see
The pain was buried too deep with in her chest
She can’t help her staggered breath 
She hopes people will understand
That she had nothing left
Now she knows she needs to hold her self above her eyes 
With her dieing breath 
One last tear she cries
Posted: 2005-01-15 03:47:22 UTC

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2005-04-14 18:28:39My_pain_your_thrill
I love this, it is so creative. Is it about you or someone you know? [email protected] --Lianna

2005-11-11 07:47:28~JaLeEsA lOvEs PoLkA dOtS~
Very moving, very powerful...well written!

2005-12-09 18:41:26Crimson_Tide915
I liked it a lot you are very talented... You should submit your poetry somewere and try to win a prize... like i said before (checkout mine)