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Today I look at the fire before me,
And i think,
Of how the love we shared was burning
With the intensity of our feelings,
But then suddenly you got water,
And put the fire out,
Now I'm lost and looking for you, 
Where's the eyes that used to look at me with love?
Where's the heart that was beating against mine?
You decided to put the fire out suddenly,
No I'm lost and your gone,
I long for the hands that used to go over mine and bring me
I long for that fire of love,
But all my desires lead to my suffering,
I'm suffering now inside,
I feel angry,melancholy, and tired,
I'm tired because I think about you too much,
I long for the things that will never come,
I'm melancholy because you broke my heart,
I'm angry because you left me and didnt care about my
But even now I'm more angry because you dont care,
Your miles away and I know my name never crosses your mind,
Your heartless in every way for putting out that fire,
You proably didnt even care how I reacted,
And for that, I'm glad I knew the kind of person you are,
Before i sinked into that deep black hole,
But regardless I'm scarred for life.
Posted: 2009-05-10 01:45:06 UTC

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2009-05-20 16:36:46!!! A DOUBLE EDGED SWORD !!!

2010-02-03 07:45:05Invisible Poet
nicely expressed piece of writing, if not conceded in some lines, great work keep it up

2010-05-20 21:44:48true_poet
thanks :)