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I can feel him stagger behind me, his breath on my neck 
I feel it happen and it is a devastating wreck
It's painful and wonderful and humbling all the same
I want to run back to him, but I cannot say his name
It hurts too much
How he lied 
We loved like sinners
And I cried 
You lost me looking for someone else
I fell through the cracks
We broke into pieces
And I fill in the blanks as life goes by
You go here
The weeks go by faster with my plastic smile 
And I cannot even think his name
But that's not what they called him and I still cannot 
call him
No matter what is inside me at that particular time
I feel him in every step I take
I hear his laughter and feel the breezes
But the breeze grows stronger and blows us apart
Ripping out vitals and drowning our hearts
When will I find you again?
I can feel him stagger behind me, his voice in my ear
What were the chances we'd both end up here?
It's the heartbreaking and lovemaking and life taking all
And I want to turn around, but I cannot say his name
Posted: 2009-04-05 03:13:31 UTC

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