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If only I were older,
Or you were twice as young.
Like grains of sand 
that wash away
And ballads never sung.

Like turning back
And walking forth
Into days of old.
To sit and stare at firelight,
With stories never told.

To solve a riddle never asked
And science never thought
Is like a breeze
Which does not blow
Losing battles never fought.
Posted: 2009-03-30 04:17:01 UTC

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2009-04-06 21:15:30izzy
this is really good! when u read it has a nice flow to it, almost like a song.

2009-04-17 17:10:02!!! A DOUBLE EDGED SWORD !!!

2009-04-21 19:16:50...
I love this, especially the first verse - BEAUTIFUL!!!! It just flows so well and it's just really really good!!!!

2011-04-15 15:38:33(:
I actually really liked this. (: