The Breaking Point, by BUBBA Subscribe to rss feed for BUBBA
Posted: 2009-03-26 00:53:24 UTC
With the football game playing loud
And showing my spirt and being proud
The room roars with that last play
We were the winners of the day
Just giving my guys some crap
Giving each other a slap
They knew it would come to this
The best game we ever saw..glad we didnt miss
And so they go home in awww
At the wonder that we saw
And as I close the door after they went
My wife just stood there...a glare she sent

Who the heck do you that I am
You never clean when your friends leave again
The mess it takes me all night
I finally get done a mornings light
I'm tired of all these games
It will always be the same
If you just only knew
The thoughts I have would make you come unglued
For I want you out of the house
I no longer wanna be your spouse
I'll get the lawyer this time
For being married to you...I must of done a crime
Cause this is worse than prison
My life is gone and missin
Just pack your bags and leave now
I will manage somehow
The kids they'll be fine
They may grumble and even whine
But I'll tell them what a jerk you are
Just leave now and go on far

And so I walk out that door
I just turn back and call her a whore
For I knew what she had on her mind
She wanted someone else she wanted to find
Her sugar daddy so she could stay home
Never to work always to roam
And as I looked back towards that house
Nothing was stiring not even a mouse
I just wondered how i would heal again
I would close my heart...never let anyone in
The kids werent even mine
I'm sure they'll turn out fine
I just wonder and pray
But I just keep walking on my way
I hit the road and stick out my thumb
My soul is empty just feelign numb
I run out of town right now
I will be okay...some day some how

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2009-05-24 16:24:45CUTTS**AND_A_BROKEN_HEART
This is reall good well written, i like it, sorry if this is true, but i can relate to the close ur heart and never let anyone in!!

2009-10-25 03:00:29BUBBA
most of my poems are not from personal experience...