The Best Thing I've Ever Done, by BUBBA Subscribe to rss feed for BUBBA
Posted: 2009-03-25 03:52:27 UTC
As the clouds form at the peak of the mountain
And the sun sets behind the tree's
We can feel the warmth cool so thin
The rain gently falls with a little breeze

We drive to station five
And park along the hill
We just feel so alive
Our hearts sinking even still

Making our way to the rugged path
That many have traveled before
Anxiety flows throughout our minds
A long night is instore

And so we start up the mountain
The steepness digging inside my knee's
The adrenaline just rushing within
The top we cant wait to see

And so the night grows on and on
The path never to end
We just look upon the light ahead
We just look towards that bend

And so the sun starts to raise
We're almost to the top
Turning as the sun hits the sky's
The beauty just hits the spot

As I sit there on that hill
The fog just disapates
Like God just bent on down
Just blowing the clouds away

Were high up in the sky
Just looking below
Seeing the clouds hovering so high
It looks like a blanket of snow

And so we make it to the top
The beauty amazing as it may
This was the best thing i've ever done
Even to this day

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