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Posted: 2009-03-25 04:39:59 UTC
The years have gone by and by
With wars where young men just die
We lived through the greatest of them all
With changes come and we stood tall
The Revolutionary War we thought was bad
The King of England was truly mad
The red coats marched over here
But we sent them running far and clear
With that day where we raised that flag
We were proud to be as we held our bloody rags
We sent old Ben to proclaim our pride
He came back to us with a different stride
We declared our independence for all to hear
Made the world know we were meant to be feared
The world was not the enemy
For our own brothers would definitely see
A man was born in Illinois his name we would call
Honest Abe would free us all
The Civil War came with anger filled
Brother would fight brothers and then be killed
The North would prove the rights of a man
Was not configured on color of his hand
And so we free’d all those slaves
But the fight wasn't over its still going on today
When will the fight finally end
Where we can be brothers and finally be friends
The healing is coming in the mass
Cause a black man was elected president atlas
And so we look onto this world were in
Where there are more temptations and even more sins
But We know of our history we know of our past
We must push this forward and do it fast
For the peace we seek will be far and between
For the anger of the world is more than we've seen
We need to grasp to our friends
For we are coming to an end
Change is inevitable for us all
We will choose our path lets not stall
Pick the right road for us to go
Love and laughter is good you know

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2010-10-10 04:57:39twisted bean
really like this