Can You Take The Pain Away, by BUBBA Subscribe to rss feed for BUBBA
Posted: 2009-03-09 03:29:39 UTC
When I think about the day
That I can call u my wife
It will be the only way
For me to complete my life

For all the things this world can give
Is not enough to be
I want to feel your love as I live
This is what you mean to me

I would go though all the pain
And yet it wouldn’t be enough
To keep you with me same
I always try to be tough

I am like a rock in all I do
Never breaking down
But when I am with you
The rock is shattered on the ground

I guess that is what love is about
Melting down in love
I just want to spend our time about
Until we fly above

And so I look at the church bell
And think about that day
When we will say I-Do
And you can take my pain away

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