If He Would Of Stayed, by BUBBA Subscribe to rss feed for BUBBA
Posted: 2009-02-09 17:57:53 UTC
with the midnight air so cool
The moon shining so bright
the atmosphere just so calm
Its a wonderful night

The young woman walks down the street
Just casually passing by
Dark and lonely a man she meets
He trys to say hi

As her heart does race
Startled by the man
The fear she shows in her face
She trys to run as fast as she can

No one to hear her screams
As she darts in the alley
He just follows with ideas to be
Its been so long since he had a salley

As the woman hits the end
The man surely does find
Then he starts to begin
To rip the clothes from behind

Just as the man feels her all around
The pain inside sours
As he rips her underwear to the ground
And feels inside once more

Just holding her to the wall
Penetrating deep...she just wants to cry
Finally he leaves and she falls
Thankful she didnt die

She runs home as fast as she can
The feeling of a hore
What shall she tell her man
Misery is instore

She makes her way in teh house
Not wanting to make a noise
She creeps as quiet as a mouse
Trying not to wake her boys

She maneuvers the spout
Runs the shower hot
Trying to flush that man right out
Trying to wash that spot

The guilt that she feel
As she lays in bed
She can never heal
Nothing could be said

She goes from day to day
Nothing could make this right
She could never know what to say
To her man she sleeps with at night

Finally it gets to much
For her to bare any more
She can still feel that mans touch
Just makes her feel like a hore

She writes a note to tell her man
For what she is about to do
She explains it as best as she can
But he only says he wish he knew

She always has emotions falls
The pain and misery still stays
The man finally leaves the woman and all
He always stays away

She cant take it now
And get the gun in her hand
She wished it would of worked somehow
Loosing her man she cant stand

She looks at the pictures of her kids
all sadden and dismayed
She just runs and hid
Wishing her husband would of stayed

Pulling the gun up to her head
Just starting to cry
I love you is what she said
The gun goes off...and she dies.....

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