The Olden Days, by BUBBA Subscribe to rss feed for BUBBA
Posted: 2009-02-05 03:21:22 UTC
As I look at the olden times
When things just were rough
We fought off Indians and hate crimes
And had to ride in the dust

the air was nice and fresh
No factory pollution going so high
We could see star's up there
Just all across the sky

I remember what it meant
to have families that were strong
Where all the time we spent
And sometime didn’t get along

When we were little kids
the chores we had to do
it made us mature with age
our parents love we knew

We watch our parents try so hard
to provide during troubling times
they never had a credit card
barely nickels and dimes

and when on our birthday
we just hoped and prayed
they could save up to buy
a toy so we could play

the times were rough at school
for teachers were far between
we fought our battles by a rule
its always okay no to fight clean

There was no thing as TV’s
or all those video games
we stayed busy playing in trees
and taking horses across the plains

I remember watching the sunset
Sitting there with my dad
talking about a little bet
About a football game we had

and the walks at night
just learning from all he knew
he taught to choose the right
he said choose it through and through

and as i look upon those day
before he left us behind
i knew the man he wanted me to be
Always gentle and kind

and so i look on those olden days
they seem centuries ago
But deep down inside
It is all that I know..

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2010-08-21 19:12:31kyky
Good poem :)