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Sign on.
Happy life.
Time dragged on and on.

Go to inbox.
When I seen the subject
That should have been enough.

(No Subject)

It was spread tightly across the the bar.
So good so far.

(No Subject)

Should have put off and almarm.

(No Subject)

Thats the dark subject I click.

Hey You.
(Thats when I knew.)
How's your day.
(Even at 1 am. I then was fully awake.)
I'm sorry 
(Now Im really starting to worry)
I never wanted it to be this way.
(I think my heart beat replied in a delay.)
I dont think we are working out.
(Thats when I was ready to shout.)
(oh please!)

(No Subjet)

It was to simple

(No Subject)
Built me
(No Subject)
Broke me
(No Subject)
now killed me.
Posted: 2009-02-04 21:38:08 UTC

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