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This is my first poem I've entered on this site. I hope you
like it. This poem is the first of two I've written so far.
It's sequel is called My Letter. I appreciate any tasteful
feedback.(These two poems are not about me.)

Your Letter

You got that letter
sealed and stamped was your fate
Mr. Brian Sullavin of Troop 6038
In your Red Sox shirt and hiking boots you handed me the
from which I read: Drafting Notice
and our lives burst to vapor.
Your eyes denied mine as I begged for an explanation.
"They need me," you said,
"I did the registration."
I couldn't breathe. Choking on the image
of Brian. My Brian. With a M-16 in an empennage.
I yelled, kissed him, was held and cried
with his soft 'I love you's, he apoligized.
"I'll still watch the sunrises with you when I'm away,
the same sun that opens our new day."
Now, with one last look from a shrinking school bus,
I know it won't be the end of us.
Don't worry, I'll tape your Family Guy
but french fries and peanut butter will make me cry.
You'll test your courage, prove yourself.
I'll test my patience, alone on a shelf.
You got that letter, and it tore my world apart
but in each envelope I'll send you a piece of my heart.
Posted: 2008-10-20 00:32:05 UTC

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2008-12-13 05:53:22~Stay_Beautiful~20104
Ok, still fighting back tears! haha Knowing that these aren't your own personal experiences show just how amazing your skills are!! To be able to put THAT much emotion behind it.. wow... It's truly beautiful! Kudos to you!