Haley's Song, by Patty Bokern Subscribe to rss feed for Patty Bokern

Pastel rainbows on a crayon sky
Delighted giggles watching clouds float by

Popsicle hugs all sticky and sweet
Pink-painted toenails on grass stained feet

Lollipop lipstick and dress-up pretend
Having a tea-party with a friend

Sandcastles built near the ocean blue
Fairy-tale dreams that always come true

Bedtime stories and a kiss good night
All tucked in under covers pulled tight

Her soft pink arm ?round her Teddy Bear
She drifts off to sleep with out a care
Posted: 2008-09-09 20:44:46 UTC

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2008-09-10 18:14:39ray!
I really like it. It's tender and light. It's really a feel good piece.

2008-09-16 05:57:04Darkest Star