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Strange to be sitting here alone while llfe goes on around
Childrens voices in the street outside, some one hammering
down the block
Asunlit room, a glasss of wine
The relentless  ticking of the clock

Strange  to be alone when family ties beset me
Everyone wants a piece of me, where can I go where Ill be
Or do I really want to be,suppose no one comes to get me

The dogs are quiet, they've had a walk,out in the sun
drenched  August field 
They make no more demands  upon my time, they lie in quiet 
Who is happier ,them or me, maybe I'll come back as a dog, 
Maybe then they'll let me be
Posted: 2008-08-15 12:39:12 UTC

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2009-03-04 02:35:43R.Cortez
Nicely written