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What is love?

Love is when you'll never give up
No matter how hard you're put down
Love is promising and keeping
The fact that you'll always be around

Love is that feeling
That you've never felt before
Love is not knowing the feeling
But then realizing you want more

Love is the meaning of trust
And trusting only one
Love is never letting go
Even when you say you're done

Love is the best thing in life
And to most can be the worst
Love can be the greatest spell 
But some say it's a curse

Love is what makes you special
Out of everything you do
Love is just this feeling
That I only feel for you
Posted: 2009-06-13 20:52:36 UTC

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2009-06-14 23:29:20izzy
wow, written so candid. i really agree with your ideas, great job!