The Great Mask, by Silent Mobius Subscribe to rss feed for Silent Mobius

The face I wear to 
cover the face already there. 
The lies told with a smile and a grin. 
While underneath I cry inside. 
But no, you will never see. 
For I am like the tree 
rooted, sturdy, and strong. 
Hard to move
I stand strong when others fall
forever held onto. 

Why is it that no one knows the real me?
Is it because I haven't allowed it to be?
Am I so convinced myself that even I've forgotten me?
Is this mask that has enabled me 
to be like this overgrown piece of mere shrubbery
who I want to be? 
where is that face that belongs to me?
Tired and lingering
as my mind, scraping for the answers
on the unforgiving ground scrambles I say 

Let me now put to rest my burdens and sorrows. 
My body aches and my eyes burn of no sleep.
The heart bleeding in my chest, 
yet my lips carry on. 
A never ending diarhea of smoke and mirrors. 
My audience never knows 
for like a true entertainer 
each day I put on my mask and perform on stage. 
Always on command and 
always on the guard. 

Guilded though I may be 
Invulnerable I am not. 
And so I hide my tears as they fall 
silently upon my cheek 
behind my display, 
my art, 
The Great Mask.
Posted: 2008-04-27 08:44:59 UTC

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2010-07-16 18:51:06Violet Crystal
I love this poem. It made me realise a lot about myself and I've related greatly. Good job.