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Hard lessons are taught,
Through hard times,
We need to learn from them,
So that we can become better people,
After all those times of tears and sadness,
You'll be lucky you have something for your advantage,
Whatever comes your way,
Use it to help you not hurt you,
Take advice from your parents,
When they give it to you,
Learn from them even though you might be trying not to
Learn from them the good things,
 Because hard lessons are a part of life. 
Posted: 2008-02-21 16:05:04 UTC

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2008-02-24 22:41:12a rose by any other name would hurt just as bad.
this is good. and true

2008-05-09 14:56:19Ashley Reneƫ *Raining Tears*
"We need to learn from them," yes we do but i never do

2008-07-11 07:05:43~Stay_Beautiful~20104
I can relate to this poem in SO many ways!! I must be gifted because I'm pretty good at learning from others' mistakes! haha I have three older sisters and yeah, you learn a LOT! I wish more of these hard-headed teens would listen!! Great Poem! :)