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i sit and wonder what is this
am i confused or just lost
these voices are bugging me
am i the only one who hears them

i dont understand what you think
just because i am diffrent 
dosent mean that can judge me
and just push me aside

i do like you all 
i am not ashamed of who i am
if you dont like it then all well
becasue i dont have any enemys

you sit and think you are better
when all it is, is clothes and jewlery
your not better then me at all
you just hide behind the money

so when you have the courage 
to show your real side
just put you head up
and let out a big sigh

now its off your shoulders 
and you dont have to sit and cry
take off that mask and just 
trough it aside

Posted: 2008-02-20 17:59:35 UTC

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2008-03-03 03:01:26~Stay_Beautiful~20104
This is a GREAT poem!! And SO true! Too bad more ppl can't grasp this concept! Great job!

2008-04-17 06:59:19*Psychopathic Child*
i like it your writing style is very good