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this one girl
once made me cry
silently inside
she tore me up
and made me wnat to die.

this girl i loved
more than my life
she was everything
but she didnt love me
and so i grabbed the knife.

i sit and ponder
why is is she does not
believe the words i speak
the truths i tell
everything to her i've taught.

but still
she chooses lust and pain
over my friendship
she doesn't trust me
and so she's hurt again.

she makes me cry
she makes me hurt
our friendship was everything
she was my world
but i guess it had no real worth.

she's known me longer
but still she takes
his word over mine
why i'm crying
for her mistakes
is something i dont quite get
and i dont think i ever will
but now i've learned my lesson

Never love a girl.


Posted: 2005-03-29 18:19:53 UTC

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2005-05-05 19:41:59My_pain_your_thrill
This is really really good, you are such a great writer...

2005-08-21 22:08:05. QUEENIE .
awwh thanks so much!