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today i heard your voice for the first time.
you said you love me, and no one but me.
you touch my hand and say we belong togather you and me.
you told me i must of been on angel sent from above.
for ihave hidden wings that makes yo u wanna fly away with
me to paradise.

today i heard you say for the firsr time you are inlove with
my heart heart stop for a moment and i took a deep breath of
freah air.

i ran away from you. for i dont know how to love you. ilook
in the mirror for a second or two, to find a girl that have
many faults looking back at me.

how could you love me for who i am when many other girls out
there that look better than me. girls that are made for man
like you.

you my hands for the third time and said to me with teary
eyes. i am the one for you and my flaws you cant see.  for
you blindly in love woth me.

today you make me feel like a princess. with bond that will
last for eternity.

today i heard your voice inside my head. 
today i say goodbye to you for that last time.
but our love will never be fogotten.
good bye my love for now.
Posted: 2007-08-23 17:13:45 UTC

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2007-10-10 22:26:05Caitlin_Californication
i love this. it says exactly how i feel.