Her Life was in the Back Seat, by Barb Subscribe to rss feed for Barb
Posted: 2007-08-17 12:06:12 UTC
She was driving home in her car
It was a long road but coming to an end
Twenty more minutes and she'd be home
Her life was in the back seat
Four weeks old and 18 months old
She was almost home
A fire broke out in the back seat
Her breaks squealed as they skidded on the road
She stopped suddenly and the fire overtook the car
Her life was in the backseat
In the backseat where the fire was raging
She tried to get her babies
Help arrived and pulled her away from the chaos
She was powerless against the fire
The car was gone within minutes
Her life was in the backseat

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2007-08-16 18:59:18Barb
I wrote this poem about a recent tragedy that happened in my town. I was so heartbroken by this mother's loss that I had to write it down. I do not know the whole story but this is how I imagined it had happened. I hope it makes everyone feel as sad stricken as I did. It's such a tragedy and I feel great sympathy for this woman and her family.