"A Perfect Day with You.", by Angel Collins Subscribe to rss feed for Angel Collins

As I sit here thinking of you,
Which is something I often do.
I think of how you make me feel inside,
Loving you brings to me such pride,
I love you deeper then the earths core;
Yet somehow I find myself loving you more.
I am sadden only when time keeps us apart,
However I carry you with me in my heart.
I wait to see you pull in the drive,
After all these years I still get that tingle inside,
I lay beside you at night, my arms around you;
It is the perfect way to end the day through.
To wake up beside you at the sound of the alarm,
It is now me who is in your arms,
I start each day perfect with seeing your face, 
I end each day perfect you in my embrace.
All the time in between while we're apart;
I miss you terribly, but it is a perfect day,
For I carry you in my heart

Angela Michelle Collins
Posted: 2007-08-04 20:46:52 UTC

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