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When you thought of me
Were you happy?
Or were you sad?
When the sun went down
And you slept beside me
Did you think of me at all?

When I thought of you
You had gone away to London 
For a vacation with your family
So I waited a month for you
Or was it an eternity?
I don't know anymore
I cried all the time
Because I missed you
And I wonder
Did you miss me too?

When you slept with the ladies
Did you think of me?
When I remember
The day you left
I feel sad and empty
I have all of my memories
And all of my woes
It's not fair because after all
I was with you

Do you think of me
When you sleep in the city streets?
Without a place to sleep
You miss the warmth of a bed
And it seems that you lost yourself
When you left me
After that...
Do you still think of me?

Posted: 2007-05-17 23:13:53 UTC

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2009-07-22 01:04:07izzy
this is amazing i really like it