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Posted: 2007-04-26 12:36:03 UTC
Hold them in
Hold them in
Keep it all tight inside
Don't let anyone know those thoughts and feelings you hide
Don't dare show them the scars
The scars from pain, abuse, and self-mutilation
The scars from living a life of nothing
Uncontrolable thoughts led you to be this way
Uncontrolable emotions keeping you at the same place
Hold them in
Hold them in
Don't let anyone see you've become

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2007-05-02 01:44:32 ~~~~GLOSTARG~~~~
sad but a beautiful message of brokeness. You know Courtney, Christ is a master potter, He is able to remake and mold broken things and people. God bless you! great poem!

2007-05-05 21:14:40 *****Junior Walker*****
hey dont think i got your add you know,if so i cant find you,comment me if i did add you without realising,or leave me your addy and i'll add you,powerful poem you got here

2007-05-28 02:44:58mytruth
It's amazing how many poems I've read on this site that describe that feeling of being alone and hiding our feelings, but we don't hide them on paper. Poets are the creators of silence. Keep writing, this is a powerful poem..