if i never messed up, by .L. Subscribe to rss feed for .L.

what the hek has gotten into this world?
the most beautiful things are goin to waste
the true things that are meant to be are falling apart
we know that the love is there but we mess up.

life is going perfectly, and then it hits
like a slap in the face, like a belt on your butt
the beauty of life is falling through your soapy hands
it's slipping away and you cant seem to grasp it

we want to wash it away but hold on at the same time
but the odds are against us
as the faucet of our life turns the soap seems to thicken
we watch the love fall with the tears

as the water stops the tears keep coming
and they'll never stop :(
all the good times we ever had, they dont matter now 
cuz there just memories
memories that we'll have in the back of our minds
along with the thoughts of what would have happened
and where we would have been,

if i never messed up
Posted: 2007-02-23 22:20:42 UTC

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2007-02-26 04:44:48Lil'Fighter
Great Poem.

2007-03-29 00:04:48Sithlim
as the water stops the tears keep coming and they'll never stop :( >>>>its simply wonderfull.. You were amazing.. but t o add a few of my thouhts.. remember ny dear friend life is made up of sweet memories.. the only preconditions is tahat you can not tag your memories wiht thoughts of " what would have happened"...good vocabulary and great comilation.. you may have messed up wiht he world..you definitely did not mess up wiht words.