cuz its over, by .L. Subscribe to rss feed for .L.

my heart drops to the floor 
and i feel like crap 
cuz it's over.

my life starts spinning 
and i cant put my foot down 
to stop the madness 
cuz it's over.

i dreampt of it being different 
of it being better
but it's over.

i wish it wouldn't have ended this way
but it's said and done
and it's too late 
cuz it's over.

i love her more than i love myself 
and i wont change those feelings anytime soon
but it's over.
Posted: 2007-02-23 21:37:39 UTC

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2007-02-26 04:40:58Lil'Fighter
Wow i can relate to this poem so much. its amazing. My heart feel to the floor once not to long ago and it sucks. Sorry that its over and you don't want it to be...i'm in the same boat...:( Great Poem.