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When life gets you down,
And you don’t know what to do,
He’ll stand by you.

When your life is the mess that you can’t seem to clean
And the worlds looking to you for the answer,
You’ve got chaos and commotion and you’re looking too,
He’ll stand by you.

When you don’t have the faith to believe all the truths
Cuz it just hasn’t registered yet
That he is the reason that you’re here today,
And the person he’ll never forget.

Cuz he loves you enough to lay down his life,
And we need it uncalloused in our minds
Cuz when we hear it we think it’s no big deal
Like it happens everyday,
But we need to rewind. 

Posted: 2007-02-23 03:34:05 UTC

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2007-02-24 04:22:52Lindsay
Hey I like this one!! I have never seen this one before. :)

2007-03-01 13:48:53BananaIceCream
brilliant poem. : )

2007-03-15 03:03:57 ~~~~GLOSTARG~~~~
Great poem! :0