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you used to be cool
and now you're not.
it was all fake
wasn't it?
i think i hate you
and i think i like that
i know i love you
and i want to resent the fact.

the fact that i still cry for you
and pray that one day
everything will be okay.
i still long for the return
of who you were.

i hope that maybe,
she is in the dust
not out of reach
that you will find your old mask
and clean it off 
and wear it once more.

i pray that you
will see through him
and you soon will 
be taught a lesson
and hopefully then you'll know.

know that we are 
the ones who love you
and we care,
but unfortunately
we wont always be there.

you're shoving us to the edge
scraping us away
it's stormy inside your head
we call you up
but you have nothing to say.

i wish that i could solely
stop the rumours of whore
i wish for you michelle
more than i could ever for myself.

i dont know what happened
and i dont know why
all i know is that without you
life isnt one big high.
Posted: 2005-03-17 14:48:42 UTC

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2005-12-19 00:13:18Beetelgeuse
girls suck. they always leave for boys... you can never trust a girl not to hurt you.

2006-06-27 01:35:03. QUEENIE .