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You Betrayer,
you hillusinator!!
Go ahead pretend you know,
tell the would what you soppose
You Trator!!!

you Bitch,
you fricken witch!!
Ruin it for yourself,
and everyone else
You Controling Hitch!!!

You faker,
you life taker!!
Get out of my life,
I will have no Strife
You Hater!!!

You Teaser,
you ebekenezer!!
Tell me to trust you,
if I only knew not to
You Julius Ceaser!!!

You Chicken,
you who's hate striken!!
Are you afraid,
I can buy another blade
You who keeps my bomb a ticken!!!

Posted: 2007-02-02 12:40:58 UTC

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2007-02-23 21:26:02.L.
awesome poem linds keep writing love .L.