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The curtains are closing inside of my head
My hair's turning black in the shape of a noose
If we meet on the corner, I might leave you dead
Believe me, to leave me's a thing you don't do

Would you choke on your blood, if I cut up your throat?
Would you kiss me again, if I came with a gun?
If I died in your bed, would you watch me corrode?
You'll be slitting your wrists in the absence of sun

Your blood's on my jacket, I've washed it for days
Just like the tattoo of your name in my heart
My life's fading into the color of grey
And the world that's around me is falling apart

Well, the thorns on the rose that you gave me are gone
I've buried them all in the skin on my wrists
And everyone's fine by the end of the song
Exept for the one the true message hits

I dive into the pool of blood on the bed
And hold onto your hand as it slowly turns cold
Maybe asleep or perhaps are you dead
I'll sleep by your side as you're turning to mould

Well, maybe the end of it all is deceiving
But Death is the only thing sure not to fail
Take a photograph as the last train is leaving
And leaving me dying in blood on the trail

And I'll reunite with you, my dear

I'll reunite with you

... I love you... 
Posted: 2007-01-19 11:13:26 UTC

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2007-02-16 02:26:45Lil'Fighter