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Daddy will you help me stand against the waves of the sea, 
will you tell me stories time and again of princesses I wish
I could be?

Daddy will you carry me on your shoulders so high, 
will you write my name upon the sand and tell me I can fly?

Daddy will you check the closet, the window, and underneath
my bed, 
will you be the one to save me from the clowns that I

Daddy will you buy me dresses, pink with lace trim, 
will you check the water; never drop me while learning how
to swim?

Daddy will you eat the cookies baked twice too long, 
will you go to the shows to hear me sing my song?

Daddy will you teach me about football, comics, and outer
will you help me carry the boxes when I get my own place?

Daddy will you be my judge of character when I’m too blind
to see, 
will you be the one I trust for happiness guaranteed?

Daddy will you tell me I’m a vision when you hand me my
will you dance just one dance with me on my wedding day?

Daddy will you be there to help me stand and fight, 
will you save me from myself when it would be easy to turn
and take flight?

Daddy will you always be the one steady as a rock, 
my superman in a hat, my one and only Pops?

Posted: 2006-11-10 19:10:38 UTC

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2010-07-16 19:39:15Violet Crystal
So touching and lovely. I love this. Well done.