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I dont believe in myself.I stand for Darkness.I'm
hell's #1 demon.I lurk out of my dark cave at night.
The only thing I do right is-haunt people's memory.
I stand for pain.At night,I set out looking for death,
drakness,and pain.3 of the most "popular" things in
this world.I look for people commiting suicide,
thinkning about it,or the souls of people who have 
already done it.I stand for HELL.Hades is my home.I come
out of the gates of Hell to this world.I'm the Devil's
#1 demon.I work without haste.I come to this world in
search of more demons.I stand for the darker side of 
life.I stand for blood.The blood shed every night,when
someone's killed or when someone dies or when someone cuts.I
stand for the scars people have.I stand for the scars I
have.From past work.I stand for the tears,that are shed.I
have no feelings,Except angry and hatred.I stand for hate.I
stand for the cuts,wounds,and brusies people get.I 
enter the gates of this world and come in search of
blood,wounds,suicide,and death.I am Hell's #1 Demon.
I stand for all the death,pain,sacrifice,and hurt in
Hell and in Earth.I am the #1 Demon.
Posted: 2005-03-06 21:59:52 UTC

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2005-04-14 17:38:33My_pain_your_thrill
This is so creative and cool...I love what your saying here, brilliant poem.

2007-07-30 20:01:52destiny_light
cool poen