The Pain That Never Ends, by Daphne Subscribe to rss feed for Daphne

Is this the end
Of the feelings that I would depend
The hope that you'd be more than a friend
When you never seem to get the thoughts I send

The more my thoughts fade
The harder I find to concentrate
Then it comes the big debate
If my life for love would ever be that great

In my heart you'll always be the one
Though there wasn't much that you'd ever done
I'll never forget the times when we had fun
But it was from those times that pain had just begun

I don't know how long it'll take me to realize
That you'll never be able to hear my cries
Or see the longing in my eyes...
I know I'll never have you in my life

It's hard to tell, my friend
Will the truth ever bend
The hurt that I can never mend
With the pain that never seems to end
Posted: 2009-12-06 17:12:47 UTC

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