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you are the thing
i think of as beauty
your life so perfect
preserved in a pretty
glossy, pink box.

along with your body
if i had the right art
the right clothes
and the money...

underneath i see
george and jack
i see rock stars
who are good at what they're at.

and halloween casts a shadow
flicking pale yellow
the dull of a candle
while poetry i write.

there are the books
and the poems
and the life fiction...

there is love and friendship
music and lust..
there is James

there are the drugs
and there is Kyle...
on the side
is a pouting Michelle.

the page is filled
and cluttered
with all that touches my heart

these are my inspirations,
these things
create my art.


Posted: 2005-03-02 15:44:55 UTC

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2005-03-04 23:18:51The Irish Child
This was sooooo coooool! you are such an wonderful writer.!

2005-08-21 22:06:12. QUEENIE .
awwh thank you VERY much

2006-08-19 01:47:46User
You can be so amazingly sweet..!!!!!!!!!! ^_^