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you're starting to slip
passing over the treshold
you've loosened your grip
you have such potential
where are you going
why are you doing this
there goes reality...
you're off on a trip.

we stand here,
alone and cold
looking past your eyes
trying to see inside
trying to communicate
and find who you used to be,
why'd you change into
the thing that we hate?

we can't do anything
we cant say a word
we try and grab ahold
we try and pull you back
but you brush us off
we've been told now
and you've shoved 
and you've kicked
all the fights that we've had
were part of a plan
that you cant see teh end of
but we can
dont you know
this isnt the answer
this is not a helping hand.

the devil has his claws
wrapped around
your tiny hand
and he is leading you
down the dark path...
we scream
and we shreik
but our voices,
they are too weak.
all you can hear,
is the devils soft whispers
in your ear.
you smile that half smile
and wave goodbye,
cant you see us?
we're screaming,
we're crying,
inside we're dying.

turn back now
before you can't
please we're begging you
help us to help you,
we love you and we don't understand
why the fuck
you're letting him hold your hand.
you're in a gateway...
and you're fading


Posted: 2005-03-02 15:44:09 UTC

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2005-03-03 10:47:47My_pain_your_thrill
This poem really reminds me of a couple of my friends becoming the kind of poeple that we hated for so long. I like it alot.

2005-08-21 22:03:22. QUEENIE .
yeah... happened to me. now we're not friends anymore and we're in a huge internet flame war and all but, i dont know. it doesnt matter anymore, she's long lost now. im glad you can relate to so many of my poems. makes me feel less insane :P and more normal. thanks man :)