and i wish...what's never going to be, by Chelsey Subscribe to rss feed for Chelsey

and i wish for just one moment,
a moment from the past.
where my family seemed so perfect,
not afraid that the love wouldn't last.

and i wish for just one memory,
a memory when everything was right.
where me and my sisters still laughed,
and my parents didn't fight.

and i wish for just one second,
a second that takes a year.
to keep me from moving on,
and disappointment wasn't my biggest fear.

and i'll keep on wishing,
for what will never be.
and i'll still keep on looking in the mirror,
and wishing i wasn't me...
Posted: 2006-07-30 23:17:14 UTC

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2006-08-15 17:55:09ashleyfickle
i so fell the same way about this one right now i just want my family back well comment me back please