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I opened my eyes
Everything around was dry
I realized I didn't know where was I
I looked up and started to cry

The sky looked like it was seven
Though I'd hoped that I was in heaven
Because the sky was a blazin'
This place was nothing I'd imagined

Stucked on an island with nowhere to go
Stormy seas are rising as the land goes low
I ducked in my cave as the waters started to flow
In to the very place that wasn't supposed to be cold

Awashed, I lay a thinkin'
Why can't I just die while the plane was sinkin'
Why must they wait till I'm in this island of stinkin'
And leave me here to rot a wastin'

And just as I thought I was going to drown
The water with a sudden started going down
I crept up and looked out and took away that frown
For what I saw got my head going round

The place called out to me like never before
All things sandy were glittering on the shore
I stepped out of the cave unto the shining floor
This place was beautiful like never before

Now I sat pondering
Should I be staying here and living
Or should I start planning on escaping
My thoughts couldn't stop running

I decided I needed to go home
Back to a place where they had phones
Back to a place where I needn't be alone
Instead of being in a place where I only roam

How and when to get back I had no clue
I prayed to my angels to tell me what to do
I slumped on a rock and took off my shoe
And my socks and shorts cuz I had to go to the "loo"

It was then that I saw a ship from afar
Damn it looked like a small tiny car
I waved and waved but it was just too far
You know, the huge sea was just too vast

So here I am stucked on an island
Things around me have never been so silent
I long to go home and start livin'
So now I sit planning on escapin'

I know I will get home one day
I just have to keep thinking along the way
This piece of meat won't decay
Not here in this place anyway

Posted: 2009-12-06 16:48:12 UTC

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2006-04-14 05:05:01
I really liked how it made me feel in position of the speaker! It was a good idea for a poem. To sum up, I liked it.