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2005-10-28 21:14:03 (GMT)

My L.s.E.e.T.c.T.r.E.e.R.t

This is the letter i'll never send,
 'cause i'll never find the guts to.
here are the words that i'll reveil,
 but only to myself and my pen.
these are my secrets i hold from you,
 'cause i don't think you care enough 
for it to matter anymore.
 you're to far away from me now.
driffting away like you were lost in the ocean. 
 the furthur you go, 
the more i feel like weeping.
 it's cold here now,
can't feel my arms.
 my heart has long since withered,
so that's no longer a problem.
 i guess you couldnt care one way or the other.
you couldnt see it when it was here,
 but everyone else could.
so i'll sit here with my sharp object and run it through 
 my fingers as the light catches it. 
there is no more of me to give,
 what i've given isnt good enough yet.
no one seems to understand it now,
 but there's still no hope for my heart.
this is the letter i'll never send,
 cause i don't think you'd ever read it.
here are the words that i'll reveal,
 but only to my cold dead heart and my paper.
these are my secrets i hold form you,
 cause you never asked me about them or why there here.
you're just a speck in the distance now,
 and it's hard to forget your face.
please just make it go away.
 if you don't know my mine,
then why must i know urs still?
 just make it go away,
so that i cna be content with what i have.
 my little space of nothing,
all to myself again.
 so i won't have to share it with thoughts of you.
please open the door and let me in.
 just for a second,
just for a moment,
 and i'll try to be content with that forever.
holding on for dear life here,
 just hoping for a chance to show you how much i care.
but you never listen.
 what happens now?
that i'm lost again?
 i can't stop the rush your giving me.
feeling the pain seep into me.
 it's so cold,
please just let me in.
 just for awhile.
my eyes are freezing shut,
 i cna't stand to be blinded.
i'm already blinded with love for you.
 keep me dreaming,
at least there i can pretend your here and remember.
 everything is locked,
keeping me out.
 just open up a little.
even if it's to scorn me.
 anything form you will do.
just come and save me from this eternal winter that i'm 
stuck in.
can't feel anything anymore.
 numb to the bone.
these are the secrets i hold from you,
 locked up tight in a frozen room.
can't see the sun through the windows gone black,
 can anybody save me from the blackness?
caught by the one i love,
 who doesnt even remember he captured me.
this is the letter i'll never send,
 cause if i do the pain will truly never end.

Posted: 2005-11-03 22:18:04 UTC

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