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Ya, I remember you.  All those had read the poems I
composed.  As I pass each faces on the street.  i feel
fine.. ever since if my mood made a contact with you.  There
are no reasons of vanity if you found eternity.  And the
dead are meant to be together one day and after.
I hope I am clear about this century.  And I hope I have the
will to love God.  If remember you was a lie, there might
have spaces to doubt nothingness and do write.
Anyhow, I feel it’s the end of my poetry life.  Yet, I am
looking forward to have my diary works.
This second poetry book I hope you enjoy.  I am sorry with
the judgment I had.  And the words of weariness hope you
forgive me.  
God blessings..
Posted: 2018-01-11 08:54:13 UTC

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